Glastonbury General Quiz

How much were tickets for the first festival in 1970?

How many kilometres of steel tubing are used in the Pyramid Stage?

What was the Other Stage called before its name change in 1997?

Before which festival did the Pyramid Stage burn down?

What's the name of the person responsible for the festival's iconic sign lettering?

Who headlined the Pyramid Stage on Friday night in 2022?

Who frequently plays at Stonebridge Bar under the name Morning Side?

How many times have Elvis Costello and The Cure headlined the Pyramid Stage?

At which festival did the first incarnation of Carhenge appear?

Which bar is the only one to serve draught Guinness?

Who designed the very first Pyramid Stage in 1971?

Which sweaty nonce had a stage named after him from 2004 until 2022?