When is it?
The last full weekend of June, from the Wednesday to the Monday.
Where is it?
Worthy Farm, 6 miles east of Glastonbury.
How big is the site?
Over 100 stages on 1,100 acres with 8 miles of fence and a crowd capacity of over 200,000.
It very much varies depending on time of day, weather, inebriation, etc.
How do I get tickets?
First you have to register, then pray to the ticket gods in early October when they go on sale. There's also a resale the following April.
Can I buy day tickets?
No. Sunday-only tickets are made available to Pilton residents.
Sure, your best bet is probably stewarding or traffic management.
How do I get there?
By car, coach, train, caravan, bike, or any combination of.
When is the line-up released?
It varies year-to-year. Generally late March to early April for the first full announcement. Rumours and one-off announcements start much sooner.
Who has played there?
A few people you may have heard of. Check the Performers section for more.
Is it always muddy?
Only if it rains. 2019 didn't see a drop during the festival.
What should I bring?
You can find a list below.
Are the campsites separate from the festival?
All main campsites are within the festival boundary, while the campervan and various glamping options are separate.
Can I have a fire?
Yes, apart from in the main arenas and the disabled camping area, Spring Ground.
What sort of [insert camping item] should I buy?
Whatever you get, buy spare pegs and guy ropes.
Can I have a shower?
Yes, but you might be lining up for a while.
Can I bring my own alcohol?
Yes, and it can be consumed anywhere in the festival.
Can I buy ice?
Yes, by the bag at the Co-op.
Can I bring my kids?
Yes, and if they are aged 12 and under they are admitted free of charge.
Can I bring animals?
No, they are banned as a condition of the festival license.
Am I too old?
Are there cash points available?
Yes, at various locations around the site.